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Perfomance Wellbeing

Combining the science of wellbeing with the practical tools of high performance sport

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Our Story

Gemma and John co-founded Performance Wellbeing with a vision to help people develop the tools they need to be the best they can be.


Through decades of experience playing and working in high performance sport, Gemma and John believe that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results by developing a clear purpose, the right mindset, and healthy habits.

What We Do

Performance Wellbeing combines the science of wellbeing with the tools of high-performance sport to enable people to thrive. The team at Performance Wellbeing provide individual, workshop and keynote addresses covering topics from mindset, high performance and ways to feel energized.


Meet the Team


John Quinn

High Performance Mental Skills 


Gemma McCaw

Former Olympian



Anna Simcic

Former Olympian, Facilitator


Rose McInerney

Education Expert / Facilitator / Coach 

Our Workshops


Too busy to think

We have the conscious capacity to choose where our attention goes. Our ability to stay focused and on task is challenged with an abundance of life’s distractions.



Growth Mindset

The intention of the training is to understand growth mindset and how this impacts everything we do. The training will support you to enhance your understanding of the science of mindset and learn effective tools to put this into action.



Self-care and vitality

At its heart, self-care is anything you do to take care of yourself so you can stay physically, mentally, and emotionally well.  Kick start your workplace with this session on the three
foundational pillars of wellbeing sleep, exercise and nutrition.



High Performance Teams

After working with some of New Zealand’s most successful provincial and national teams we have learnt what it takes to build a high performing team. Building a high performing culture allows your staff to perform and stay engaged. 

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Our Clients

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