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5 Pro Tips for How to be More Mindful (on the Go!)

1 | SAVOUR YOUR MORNING RITUAL If the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is look at your phone, you’re starting the day with automaticity, which is the opposite of mindfulness.Read more

Slow Down to Get Ahead

Mistakes can be costly, and can trap you in a cycle of having to rush even more to make up for wasted effort, amplifying stress. Mindfulness can help you get clear on your purpose and do it rightRead more

Character Is More Than Achievement

OPINION: There's been a lot of chat about Christchurch's identity. What do we stand for? Who are we? In an ideal world, it seems to me that identity celebrates the past but also recognises the preseRead more

Kiwifruit Mango Smoothie Bowl

A green smoothie bowl that tastes so deliciously creamy, you might just forget it’s a green smoothie. Sweet, smooth and creamy but still incredibly hydrating, this one’s a keeper. Golden kiwi,Read more

Chia Parfaits Breakfast Cups

How good do these breakfast parfaits look?! Hard to believe they're healthy! These nourishing chia parfaits are made up of layers of coconut chia pudding, spinach and pineapple smoothie, dairy freeRead more

Sweet & Spicy Golden Chia Pizza

Who loves pizza?! If this is you then check out this delicious, thin, crispy based pizza recipe! The sauce is sweet, spicy and slightly sticky. It’s such a simple recipe, just grab some gram flourRead more

Healthy Nutella Milk

The only thing I cant think of that would be better than chocolate milk has to be chocolate hazelnut milk! How delish does this look! It contains just 5 ingredients, is dairy, gluten and refinedRead more

Healthy Gingerbread Cheesecake | Impress everyone this Christmas!

Looking for an easy to prepare, secretly healthy cake for your celebration table this year? Look no further my friend, this Gingerbread Cheesecake is here to get the party started!  A pecanRead more

Healthy Christmas treats | Rocky Road Bars!

Christmas is coming, that means so is all of that delicious food! Here's a little healthy, no bake, sugar, gluten and dairy free, treat idea to get you through the festive month! These rocky road baRead more

Connecting With Others | Maree Bowden

When I first started out on this well-being journey (having come from a high performance sport background) I believed that well-being was all about eat, sleep and move. I would say that this was easyRead more
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