We focus on the real world application in the areas of wellbeing, resilience & performance. We will work with you to design a programme tailored to suit your businesses needs.

Our High Performance Programmes bring together the science of team performance with the practical applications from High Performance Sport. Our development, training and coaching focuses on elements such as team leadership, connection, process and culture.

We help individuals and businesses improve their communication skills, have a better understanding of self and improve ways of working and collaborating together. Our tools enable people to understand strategies to perform under pressure both inside and outside of work.

1. Leadership Development

We define leadership in the context of your business and discuss the skills and behaviours that leaders require to effectively deliver results, drive change and create meaning. We support your staff to develop a vision and develop the skills needed to create environments that are supportive and deliver results.

Self-development (their identity, self-reflection, their behaviours, their impact on others).

Creating meaning through shared identity, authentic leadership and vision.

Explore meaning and purpose behind their leadership vision.

2. Performance Wellbeing

The foundation of performance in sport and business is about ensuring your staff are engaged and healthy, and to perform at a consistently high level we need to ensure your wellbeing needs are meet. By using the science of wellbeing and tools from high performance sport, we help people perform under pressure and manage the stresses of everyday life. We are passionate about helping people create a performance wellbeing plan that enables them commit to making healthy sustainable changes that will allow them to perform at their best.

3. Vitality

We work one on one with individuals to create a vitality plan which focuses on the physical aspects of health and wellbeing such as exercise, nutrition, sleep to create sustainable healthy habits. We also touch on other crucial areas of wellbeing such as relationships, meaning, engagement, emotions and achievements both inside and outside of work.

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We offer group style workshops to educate and equip individuals and groups with tools to enhance their wellbeing. 

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We work one on one with individuals using evidence based research to provide assistance in personal wellbeing plans, career education & plans to enhance your vitality (eat, sleep and move).

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