Are you living or just existing? Understanding the benefits of optimal functioning, prompted us to collaborate in Performance Wellbeing – to share our knowledge to educate people on the importance of investing in their health and wellbeing.

Performance Wellbeing combines the science of wellbeing with the tools of high performance sport to enable people to thrive both inside and outside of work. 

In a world that is rapidly changing, knowing the benefits of investing in your health and wellbeing enables you to understand, reflect and determine what feeling good and functioning well means to you. The science of wellbeing is now recognised as a crucial element for all areas of life and it is now widely recognised that a thorough understanding is essential for sustained health and happiness.

Our Approach

Using evidence-based theories, research and practical strategies equips individuals and organisations with knowledge allowing them to be the best they can be. A thorough understanding of behaviour change principles (and practice) allows us to deliver key messages in ways that stick and therefore facilitate sustained positive change, while our strong academic background in the field of resilience science means we can also train people to continue to function at their best in the face of everyday stresses and overcome adversity.

We provide the best trainers to run our programmes...

With some of NZ's top high performance trainers, Performance Wellbeing enables you or your team to thrive both personally & professionally, assisting you to be the best you can be!

With enhancing our resilience we can then create a protective layer to manage the threats to our wellbeing including stress, mental illness, physical sickness and absenteeism.

We work with businesses, groups & individuals throughout New Zealand. Let's see how we can help you...


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